Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Caring for their spiritual needs

More from C.H. Spurgeon on his mother....(from C.H. Spurgeon Autobiography, volume 1)

"Well, I do remember hearing my father speak of an incident that
greatly impressed him. He used to frequently be away from home preaching, and at
one time, as he was on his way to a service, he feared that he was neglecting
his own family while caring for the souls of others. He therefore turned back,
and went to his home. On arriving there, he was surprised to find no one in the
lower rooms of the house but, on ascending the stairs, he heard a sound as of
someone engaged in prayer. It was my mother, pleading most earnestly for the
salvation of all her children, and specially for Charles, her first-born and
strong-willed son. My father felt that he might safely go about his Master's
business while his dear wife was caring so well for the spiritual interests of
the boys and girls at home, so he did not disturb her, but proceeded at once to
fulfill his preaching engagement."
What a blessing to her husband and her family! She could be remembered as griping that her husband was never home to minister to the spiritual needs of his family or maybe that she never got a break! (I'm guilty of that one.) But, what she is being remembered for is her faithfulness to the Lord and her high calling as a mother. She is remembered for earnestly seeking after the Lord for the spiritual well-being of her children, and she blessed her husband and allowed him to do what the Lord had called him to. May we learn from Mrs. Spurgeon and heed her example.

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