Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Setting Goals

I read books that tell me I should set goals daily as a mother. I do, but often fall short. Especially being 29 weeks pregnant! I vacuum, then I need to sit down. I mop the floor, then I need to sit down (lest my heart pound out of my chest-I'm telling you, pregnancy mopping should be banned!) I fold laundry, and I need to rest. Yes, these days, I'm only feeling about 1/2 myself, although I'm really about twice myself!! I can't get everything done. So, I'm trying to be more realistic. This morning I was thinking of what I needed to get done today, and many things came to my mind...but one thing was most pressing.

See, we had a friend over the other day and had a wonderful time. But, the friend had an accident in their pants and took them off upstairs. We realized four days later that some of the residue was left behind on the carpet! This was yesterday. Dare I say that I had planned to get to it when I could get upstairs (gross, I know, but sometimes I am tired!), and I forgot! (How could I forget?) So, today I woke up with ONE goal. Clean up the five day old poo-poo residue on the carpet. And, I can proudly say that I accomplished my goal today! I did do more than that today, by the way, but that was my great accomplishment for the day! Aren't you inspired now?

"In all labor, there is profit." Proverbs 14:23


sunbeam said...
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sunbeam said...

i miss reading your blogs
they are so uplifting and encouraging
i look forward to learning from them