Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kids make waking up worthwhile

My youngest daughter came in this morning quietly and said, "Mom, you haven't seen me in a while, have you?" I said, "No, I haven't and I've missed you." She then went on to inform me that it was only because she had been sleeping. So, I told her I was so glad she was awake and we hugged and cuddled. She had to go to the bathroom, so she got off the bed and was walking there, but then turned around and came back to my bed, put her arms around me and said, "Just 'member, mom, I will always, always love you." As my heart was melting, she then asked me if her prayers last night made me feel better.

The short story...last night when we got home from church, I was feeling nauseous, and my back hurt and my hips hurt, and my throat hurt. Most of it just last trimester stuff. But, I was not feeling good! So, before she kissed me before bedtime, she told me she wanted to pray for me. So, she asked God to help mommy feel better and not be hurt anymore! Well, it was a long, restless night, but eventually I fell asleep and slept well.

So, this morning when she asked me if her prayers had helped, I said yes that they did. I told her that I was able to sleep, and I thanked her for praying. And, she threw her arms around me and said, "Oh, mom, God is a lovely God!" Yes, He is, Lizzie. Yes, He is.

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