Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gifts from the Heart

Every year for Christmas, my daddy makes some special gift for all of us. One year it was birdhouses, one year walking sticks...but every year, it's something I look forward to. These gifts require his time and he thinks of each one of us and our personalities. Mom does this often, too. Last year, she made me this amazing rug which I only recently got, b/c it took so much time to finish! I really treasure these handmade gifts, because they are unique. And, love goes into them. This year dad made us all pens. I use mine every day to write in my journal. I'm so blessed to have parents who "raised us right", who were great examples, who we always knew loved us. These pens are just a small thing, but a treasure to me.

Shane's pen is made from deer antlers.

My pen is made from wood taken from Cedarmore, the camp Shane and I lived at for 4 years.


Gia said...

Those pens are amazing, Kari!

Anonymous said...

Dad loves making things for you all. He really thinks it out so each gift is personal. We love you all