Sunday, January 16, 2011

Organizing my deep freezer

Okay, so we brought back our deep freezer from Kentucky, and I'm SOOO happy! However, digging stuff out of there is starting to drive me crazy. First off, it feels like -30 degrees in our garage, and standing there lifting things out of the deep freezer to find things in the bottom gets cold fast! :) Secondly, I just feel like things are thrown here and there. Even when I try to organize, like meats in this section, homemade stock in this section, etc..the sections get blurry quickly! I found a great article some time back on organizing an upright freezer, but I never could figure out how to organize a deep freezer. So, I thought I'd google it today. Not sure why today...not like I'm gonna get out there in these temperatures and organize it, but I'm thinking ahead! :)

So, here's a few ideas I ran across. I LOVE these baskets...didn't even know they made them! However, I'm not sure how many I can afford at almost $12 each! So, I'll put that on my "garage sale list" for the spring/summer. But, for now, I ran across this post, where she uses cardboard boxes! While not as pretty, it is definitely an option for now. I like this idea because 1) it's free!, 2) it will get me by until I can come up with a prettier solution...though, who knows why it has to be pretty? :) I may end up finding I like it just fine. I have inventoried my deep freezer over the years many times with a list and that's just a lot of work to constantly keep up with..for my brain, at least. So, if and when I decide to go forward with this plan, I'll try to remember to post before/after pictures! Anyone else have any other ideas?

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