Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Just me and my boy in the sunshine!

I get MANY, MANY pictures each day drawn just for me! For Christmas, my parents and sister got my son TWO whole reams of white computer paper all for himself..and believe me, I feel like all I do is pick up white paper all over the house these days. :) While I hate to admit that many of these end up in the trash can..come on, I cannot possibly keep them all AND my sanity...once in a while, one will just melt my heart. This was one. :) I am so blessed that I am so admired that some one would want to draw picures of me all day long, besides the fact that I look so tall and thin. hee,hee...


Tisa said...

Looks just like you!! So sweet!!! I love it!! BTW- I just started a little blog of my own. Nothing as fancy as yours. Im just getting started. Love and miss you bunches.

Anonymous said...

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine--who knew your son would say the same about u someday ! mom