Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Walgreen's Trip 1/16/11

photo © kari mcgrath 2010

I haven't been doing well the past couple months with couponing, because I kept forgetting to get the Sunday paper, then there were the holidays, etc... I finally got my coupon binder cleaned out yesterday and re-organized. I have kept to my grocery cash budget, for the most part, except a few times around the holidays. So, I was looking forward to going out today to get back in the swing of things. I also re-worked our budget last night and plan to TRY to cut down our grocery budget even more starting next paycheck. Right now, I spend $100/week for our family of five (on food), and I'm going to try to get it down to $75/week. It's hard when we like to eat healthy 80% of the time, but I've pretty much got things worked out now where I think I'll be able to do it...just cut out some of the extras I allow us from time to time and simplify again a bit. It'll be a good challenge for me.

So, here's my Walgreen's breakdown for today:

1 Sunday newspaper @ $1.75

2 boxes Kellog's Fruit Loops on sale for 1.99 each
-I had a coupon for $1.50 off 2
-final cost: $1.24 each

**no, these are not part of our "healthy eating", however they do fill the kids' tummies on the mornings we have to run somewhere or I'm too tired (or lazy) to cook

2 boxes Kellog's Raisin Bran Crunch $4.99 each
**These were advertised (on the shelf sticker) for 2/$5 with a $2 Register Rewards, however, they rang up as $4.99 each. Seems the sticker was left from last week on accident, however they gave me the cereal at 2/$3, which was the advertised price on the shelf sticker. Thank you, Walgreens!

-I used (2) $0.70 coupons
-final cost: $0.80 each

2 bottles pepper on clearance for $0.59 each

1 Tom's of Maine toothpaste $3.99
-$3 Register Rewards
-Final cost: $0.99

1 Kotex maxi pads, 2 (18 count) Kotex tampons on sale 3/$9
-I used a $2/2 coupon
-It produced a $3 Register Reward
-Final cost: $1.33 each

1 Trial Size Thermacare hot pack sale price $2.50
-Produced a $2.50 Register Reward
-I used a $1 coupon
Final Cost: FREE plus $1 money maker!!!

1 (12 roll) Charmin Basic $2.99

Final Cost for all 13 items: $15.15

Original price on the 13 items: $51.64

Total savings: 70%!!!


Heidi... said...

you inspire me!

I have a great dented can store in Nappanee that I go to... I'll email you directions... cereal for $1 box! ; )

Kari said...

Awesome, Heidi! I love Sherman and Lin's here in town..and did you know you can use coupons there? :) Only one I know of that takes them! I'd love the directions to that place. Thanks!