Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Conversations with my 4-year-old

my 4 year old boy: "Mom, know how many kids me and my wife will have when we get married?"

me: "How many?"

boy: "Eighteen."

me: "Well, how are you gonna get that many kids? Where will they come from?"

boy: ", He can do anything."

me: "Well, why didn't He give me eighteen kids?"

boy: "Because your house is too small, mom. "

(me: smiles all day long!)


Anonymous said...

I love it Kari! So cute and clever!

Deborah said...

Out of the mouth of an adorable 4 year old! Now, wouldn't it be great to have 18 grandchildren! :) I remember writing down some of the things Ian used to say ... it's bittersweet to look back on them ... cherish every moment ... they grow up way too fast! You all have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, Kari!

Hugs ~