Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ode to Walgreens!

Happy Thanksgiving, first off! We had a lovely day. Went to Indy and had a fabulous lunch at my uncle and aunt's place, with my parents, sister, cousin and her family, grandma, and the biggest surprise of the brother and his wife and two boys came up from Kentucky! I didn't know til I got there! Haven't seen them in over a year, and it was nine? years before that since I'd seen him. So, it was a lovely day, and I am SO thankful for a wonderful family and good food and a God who loves me and POURS His grace on me daily!

Tonight I decided to head to, because I LOVE the store and two, because I didn't want to have to fight the crowds tomorrow since their deals started today. I figured it was easier for me to go out tonight while I was dresssed, then get up-on a day off and get ready and get out at a good time! :) Good thing, b/c at least one thing I wanted was already out! Had to share my newest Walgreen's success story again. (sorry, no picture of my deals this time...too lazy!) :)

First transaction:

Covergirl mascara

Gillette Venus Razor

Secret Deodorant

Revlon Lipgloss

Gum Floss Picks

Dial Men's Body Wash

Oral B Indicator Toothbrush

Secret Body Spray

Olay body wash w/creme

Crest 3D whitening toothpaste

Colgate total toothpaste

Fiber Choice tablets

Gilette men's moisturizer

Advil PM caplets (4 count)

2 liter Dr. Pepper

Herbal Essence shampoo

Scunci rubber bands

Nivea Shave gel (men's)


Total before sales/coupons: $85.56

Total after coupons/sales: $53.78

Register Rewards Received: $48.73

Total Spent on above items: $5.00

*Considering tax alone on the items above was $4.24, I'm thrilled!!! :)

Transaction #2:

Viva cloth-like paper towels 6 count

Sylvania 10 cup coffee maker

Prarie Farms 2% milk-gallon

Planters Cashews 9.75oz

Puzzle book (stocking stuffer)

(3) boxes M&Ms (theater size)

(2) Coffee Mate coffee creamers-liquid

(2) 50 0z. Arm & Hammer Laundry Dtgnt.

Pkg. of 3 rolls Scotch tape

(4) pkgs. AA batteries (walgreen's brand-4 ea. pkg)


Total before coupons/sales: $74.05

Total after coupons/sales: $36.09

Register Rewards Used: $33.98

Out of Pocket: $2.11 (basically for taxes)

Plus, I got two rebates printed out for $6.50

***So, at the end of the day, I spent a total of $34.59 out of pocket for all the above items (both transactions). Had I payed full price, I would have spent $159.61. That's a savings of over 78%!!! It is well worth my time to stack coupons/sales ladies!! :) An hour and half of planning/shopping saved me $125 ...that averages a pretty good per-hour pay! :) I know none of these are typical "black Friday" items you'd buy, but they were good deals, and I'm too practical. :) Anyhow, several of these will go in stockings at christmas time. So, I can technically say I did some christmas shopping today. Don't you wish you were my family member? :) Forget the my house, you get toiletries! ha!


Kari said...

I "calculated" in my head what I would have payed for all these items at Wal-Mart even, and I still came out at around or over $100. So, even though I know Walgreen's is typically higher priced, it is still worth it for me to shop there! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kari!