Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Thousand Gifts continued....

photo by Kari McGrath

101. our family that joined us this weekend to celebrate Shane and Myra's birthdays

102. Myra's greatful heart

103. Lizzie's hugs

104. Nehemiah's kisses

105. Pastor Nate's ordination today...such a sweet time at church

106. a husband to hold me when I cry (even when a Colt's game is on!)

107. a mother who loves the Lord and continues to speak wisdom to me

108. the greatest dad in the word and for his being alive 62 years today (even though he is not my dad by blood, he's the best!)

109. Cassie's smile, which always lights up a room

110. plenty of food in the pantry, when I know so many are hungry tonight

111. snuggle time on the couch with Lizzie

112. God's grace and kindess, to point out my sin, but not leave me stuck there

113. Jama coming to visit me this past week..what a dear, sweet, old friend (she's not old, just our friendship)

114. humility I see in our church staff

115. gluten free mac and cheese...Sara's recipe of course! comfort food!

116. rainy, overcast favorite (for a short time, at least!)

117. hot coffee and yummy creamer

118. Julie H., my friend and kindred spirit

119. Jen L. and her genuine, giving, thoughtful never ceases to amaze me

120. a washing machine and dryer...though they are always full and never finish their jobs, they keep me from having to wash my clothes in the creek! (or lake!)


Heidi... said...

I love rainy days and Julie H too... although I've never included her on my gratitude list. ; )

Gary & Sally said...

I didn't know I was wise. I thought I was good at making you cry. I love u.

Kari said...

You're just good at everything, mom! hee,hee...:) I love you so much.